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How To Make Rubber Stamped Wrapping Paper


Rubber Stamped Gift Wrap

Rubber Stamped Gift Wrap

Kate Pullen
Rubber stamped wrapping paper can be a quick and easy way of creating unique wrapping paper to make a present that little bit more special Rubber stamped wrapping paper can be made to complement greeting cards, created in colors to match the gift or occasion, or to literally stamp some individuality onto a present. This is a good way to ensure a ready supply of great wrapping paper for every occasion!
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Quick

Here's How:

  1. Spread the paper to be stamped onto a work surface. If the paper has been in a roll, it might be useful to anchor the corners to stop the paper from curling up.
  2. Stamp a design over the paper as required. Use this as an opportunity to try new stamping designs. Practice stamping in lines or columns, try arranging images in a pattern or try new techniques.
  3. If you are using dye inks then leave somewhere flat to dry or, if pigment inks are used, heat the paper to set and stop the images from smudging.
  4. Make complementary gift tags or cards.

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  1. If you are wrapping an unusually shaped present, temporarily wrap the gift in plain paper and mark where stamped images will look best. Then wow your friends by creating paper that is custom stamped to complement the shape of the gift.
  2. Let children do the stamping - rubber stamped wrapping paper is a great project for youngsters and could be a good introduction to the craft of rubber stamping.
  3. Try different types of paper, thin tissue paper can look very glamorous when stamped.
  4. The paper can also be embossed and this is a good way to practice this technique.
  5. Pick colors to reflect a theme.

What You Need

  • Plain paper such as craft or postal paper
  • Rubber stamps of choice
  • Stamping ink, either dye or pigment based
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