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Use Free Printable Antique Christmas Postcards in Rubber Stamping Projects

Mix Rubber Stamping Techniques and Vintage Postcards in Christmas Projects


There are many ways of adding vintage and collectible postcards to rubber stamping projects. These bring an additional dimension to a project and are a quick and easy way to produce something a little different. Rather than using the original precious postcards, why not use some free printable copies of postcards. This is a great way to use postcard images, without cutting up or destroying an original. Barbara Crews, our About.com Collectibles guide, has a range of interesting and fascinating things on her site, including a wide selection of printable postcards. Barbara's seasonal vintage and collectible postcards are perfect for adding into stamping projects.

To use the vintage or collectible cards, simply save them onto your computer and print as desired. Different types and weights of paper will give different results. Heavy and glossy photo-quality paper gives an authentic postcard feel whereas lighter paper might be better for some projects.
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