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Polymer Clay Earrings Stamped with Acrylic Paint


Polymer Clay Earrings Stamped with Acrylic Paint
Earrings with Polymer Clay

Earrings with Polymer Clay

Kate Pullen

These effective earrings are made with pieces of polymer clay which have been decorated using stamped acrylic paint. This gives an attractive design that is perfect for turning into earrings and other items of jewelry. For more information about stamping polymer clay with acrylic paint see - How to Stamp Polymer Clay with Acrylic Paint.

The earrings have been made by attaching pieces of polymer clay to a metal pendant or charm frame. Metal jewelry frames or forms are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from jewelry supply stores and craft stores such as Rubbernation. I used small charm frames to make these earrings, the same technique can be used with larger frames to make pendants and charms for bracelets. These can be a great way to create jewelry from stamped polymer clay pieces. I added a coat of acrylic varnish to give both gloss and protection to the finished piece.

Materials Required

  • Sheet of polymer clay that has been prepared using the acrylic paint stamping technique
  • Metal jewelry charm frames or forms
  • Glue - a Cyanoacrylate or 'superglue' works well with polymer clay
  • Clear varnish to finish (optional)
  • Polymer clay tools
  • Ear wires or other earring findings
  • Craft wire and jewelry findings as required


  • Make a piece of acrylic paint decorated polymer clay following the instructions in the article above
  • Cut a piece of paper which is the same size as the recess in the pendant and use this as a template to cut two shapes from the decorated clay
  • Bake the clay pieces according to manufacturers instructions
  • Glue the pieces of polymer clay into the metal frames and leave to dry
  • Add a coat of clear varnish if required to finish and protect the earrings
  • Attach the finished earring drops to the ear wires or other earring findings
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