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Make an Air Dry Clay Coaster


Make a Simple Air Dry Clay Coaster
Make an Air Dry Clay Coaster

Make an Air Dry Clay Coaster

Kate Pullen
Air dry clay is very simple to use and, as the name suggests, it will cure and harden in the air and does not require heating in a kiln or oven. When hardened air dry clay is varnished it is waterproof and ideal for making items like coasters.

Materials Required
  • Air dry clay
  • Craft rolling pin
  • Rubber stamps
  • Paint and clear acrylic varnish


To make a special air dry clay coaster, simply roll out a piece of air dry clay to the required thickness (about 1/8" thick will be fine).
  • Cut this to the required size and press a rubber stamp into the surface as required
  • Add any further surface decoration as required
  • Leave this to one side to dry
  • Paint the coaster and finish with a coat of clear varnish
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