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Bling Clothes Pins to Make Card Holders or for Decoration


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Bling Clothes Pins to Make Card Holders or for Decoration
Finished Clothes Pins

Finished Clothes Pins

Kate Pullen
This project gives the traditional clothes pin or peg card holder a makeover and adds a bit of bling for festive style! The wooden clothes pins or pegs have been colored before being stamped and embossed. To add final sparkle, rows of glitter glue dots have bee added to the pin. The addition of other embellishments such as stick on jewels add further bling to these pins! When the clothes pins or pegs are dry it is simply a case of attaching them to a ribbon or cord and use them to display Christmas and holiday greeting cards.

  • Wooden clothes pins or pegs
  • Ink (or paint) to color the pins
  • Rubber stamps - small rubber stamps are effective or use part of a larger rubber stamp
  • Embossing ink, embossing powder, glitter glue and other embellishments
  • Ribbon or cord to hang the pins from
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