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Make DIY Washi Tape With Rubber Stamps


Make DIY Washi Tape with Rubber Stamps and Micropore Paper Tape
Make DIY Washi Tape

Make DIY Washi Tape

Kate Pullen
If, like me, you are a lover of washi tape, you probably have a great supply to choose from - yet still find that the perfect color or design remains illusive. However, you can make washi tape inspired decorations at home and this is a wonderful way to create your own custom look washi tape, using your favorite rubber stamps and ink pads. You can stamp onto strips of paper or use this washi tape digital stamp that I published recently - Free Washi Tape Digital Stamp. You could also try stamping onto paper tape, such as micropore paper tape.

Micropore Paper Tape

You can recreate the look of washi tape at home using medical micropore paper tape and rubber stamps. Micropore paper tape is readily available Compare Prices and is normally used as a medical product. However, it also makes a handy base for DIY washi tape, being thin and slightly transparent. Being paper based, micropore paper tape is also easy to tear by hand which gives it the traditional washi tape hand-torn edges. Micropore paper tape is relatively low tack which makes it easy to remove from surfaces. Best of all - because micropore paper tape is paper based, the surface is porous and can be stamped on using rubber stamping inks. This results in a decorative tape which can very easily pass as a piece of washi tape and incorporated into a variety of handmade cards, scrapbook pages and other paper craft projects.

How to Stamp Micropore Paper to Make Washi Tape Inspired Embellishments

I tried a number of techniques when I was practicing stamping on micropore tape. I tried tearing off a strip of paper tape and placing this on a non-stick craft sheet to stamp on before adhering it to the final project. However this was a tad fiddly and I ended up with crumpled tape as many times as I did pristine tape. The way that worked best for me was to stamp on the tape roll. The body of the tape roll provides the support and I just stamped a random pattern with a rubber stamp. This technique works best for small pieces of washi tape inspired embellishments, however if you are just using the tape as a feature on your handmade card or as a means to attach a photo or sentiment, this will be fine.

What is Washi Tape?

Over recent years washi tape has taken the crafting world by storm. A combination of attractive repeating patterns and a light weight, low adhesive paper tape has created a versatile product that can be used in a wide variety of handmade cards, paper craft and other crafting and DIY projects. The tape can be used as an embellishment or even as a feature for your card. Washi tape is distinctive by the fact it is paper based and is therefore easy to tear. The attractive torn edge makes a great embellishment for a variety of styles and designs. For more information about washi tape and how to incorporate it in to rubber stamping projects see this article here - All About Washi Tape.

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