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How to Make a Paper Globe Ornament


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Make a Paper Globe Ornament
Rubber stamp globe ornament

Rubber Stamped Globe Ornament

Kate Pullen
This is a variation on the small and cube ornaments and follows a similar principle. This larger globe ornament is created from a series of circles. A triangle is folded into each circle. Our template makes this simple to do as it also has the folds marked, however it is also very straightforward to do this using a punch, cutting machine or just a pair of scissors!

Cut the circles from card and decorate this with rubber stamps, add further decoration with embossing powders, glitter glue, stick on jewels or anything else that takes your fancy! The ornament in the photograph has been rubber stamped with two color inks and then over stamped with embossing inks and embossed with glittery embossing powders.

Free Circle Ornament Template - Printable Template

Materials Required
  • Twenty card circles
  • Rubber stamps, inks and embossing powders as required
  • Ruler and folding bone (a folding bone is not essential but it helps to create clean folds)
  • Glue (a 'tacky' or pva glue works well)
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