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Paper Rosette Tutorial


Paper Rosette Tutorial
Paper Rosette Tutorial

Paper Rosette Tutorial

Kate Pullen

Paper rosettes are quick and easy to make and are ideal for adding as embellishments to your projects. Use scrapbook or decorative paper to make the rosettes or decorate a strip of paper with rubber stamps. These are a versatile type of embellishment to make and by simply varying the paper that you use you can easily create embellishments to match any occasion, including Halloween, birthdays, weddings and festive season.

One of the great things about making paper rosettes is that they can be adapted in so many ways to achieve different looks. A basic paper rosette is made from a long strip of paper that is folded accordion fashion (first fold the paper in one direction and then make the next fold in the other direction to make a zigzag). The ends of the paper are joined together to form the basic rosette shape. The center of the rosette can then be decorated with buttons, discs of paper or cardstock or other embellishments A strong glue or adhesive, such as hot glue will give the best results.

How to Use Paper Rosettes

Paper rosettes can be used in many projects. They can be added to cards and scrapbook pages to add interest and dimension to your projects or they could be used in other ways. Instead of using a button as I have done you could use disc of cardstock to decorate the center of the rosette and use this to write a few words. This would make a great gift tag to add to gift bags and boxes. The rosettes will also make fun decorations. Make small versions as cupcake toppers by simply attaching the rosette to wooden cocktail sticks or create larger versions to use as bunting or garlands.

Basic Paper Rosette Instructions

The size of the rosette can be varied by altering the length and width of the strip that you use. I used a strip of paper that is about 12" x 1" and this resulted in a paper rosette that is about 2.5" wide

  1. Take a strip of paper about 12" x 1" in size, accordion fold at 1/2" intervals.
  2. Join the two edges together using double sided tape or an adhesive.
  3. If the shape is looking more like a tube than a rosette then don't worry! Simply press the center of the rosette downwards to force it into a rosette shape.
  4. To keep the rosette in shape you will need to reinforce the back. I used hot glue to glue a small disc of card into place, however you could use tape to hold the folds in place.
  5. Decorate the front of the rosette as required. I used a button that I hot glued into place, however a disc cut from coordinating colored paper or card would also look good
  6. Now your rosette is finished and ready to embellish your project.

Tips for Making Paper Rosettes

Here are some tips to help you make attractive paper rosettes:
  • Use a strong glue or adhesive to hold the rosette in shape. Hot glue is ideal as it also adds strength, however a strong adhesive tape would also work well.
  • Rubber stamp a strip of paper to create embellishments to match the color scheme of your cards or scrapbook pages.
  • Rub an ink pad or the nib of a marker pen down the edge of the strip of paper. This will help to give it a more complete look.
  • Use decorative edge scissors to create an attractive patterned edge to your paper rosette (use these to cut the outside edge only).
Making paper rosettes is a fun and quick project and is a great way to create three dimensional embellishments and adornments for your handmade cards and scrapbook pages, as well as making interesting decorations for your parties and celebrations.
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