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How to Make a Paper Bead Bag Charm


Use Your Paper Beads to Make Bag Charms
Paper Bead Bag Charms

Paper Bead Bag Charms

Kate Pullen

Bag charms are a great way to add a little decorative flourish to an otherwise plain bag and this bag charm is perfect for showing off your paper beads! The paper beads are attached to a kilt pin and beads or other charms can also be added. The kilt pin is clipped onto a bag and the paper bead charms will hang freely in a row. The glass beads provide a little extra interest. We used a single glass bead as accents at either end of the paper bead, however a different effect could be achieved by varying the number of glass beads and this will alter the length of each charm.

Paper beads are easy to make and you can decorate them with rubber stamps and inks to create your own custom designs to match your bag or other accessories. If you are new to making paper beads then they are explained in more detail in this article and a template is also provided to make creating them even easier - How to Make Paper Beads.

Tip: When making the beads, ink the edges of the paper to give added depth and interest to the beads.

About Kilt Pins

Kilt pins are like large safety pins and were traditionally used to hold a a kilt in place. They are ideal for use in crafts. Simply add a few beads or charms to the non-opening side to make a quick decorative pin or brooch. Here, we've used the kilt pin to make a bag charm. Kilt pins are readily available from craft stores, jewelry supplies and haberdashery retailers. They are often available in silver and gold colors and some craft kilt pins have rings ready attached to hang beads from. In this project we've just used a plain kilt pin.

Materials Required

  • Paper beads as required
  • Complementary colored glass beads (the glass beads should be bigger than the hole in the center of the paper bead)
  • Kilt pin
  • Craft wire
  • Wire snips or cutters, round nosed pliers


  1. Thread a paper bead onto a piece of craft wire and add a glass bead at either end. Secure one end by bending the wire round to form a loop. Snip off any ends of wire.
  2. Attach the other end to the non-opening side of the kilt pin by looping the wire around the kilt pin and wrapping it around itself. Snip off any loose ends of wire
Tip: This can be adapted in any number of ways. Make some shrink plastic charms using complementary colored inks and stamps to add to the paper beads or add a few extra glass beads for additional sparkle.

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