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How to Make a Paper Bead Star


How to Make a Paper Bead Star
Paper Bead Star

Paper Bead Star

Kate Pullen

Make a Paper Bead Star

This unusual star ornament is made from paper beads. The beads have simply been threaded onto craft wire with a central button used to hold them in place. I secured the paper beads in place with a complementary colored glass bead. This project is extremely adaptable. Larger or smaller beads could be used to create a star of a different size or more beads could be added to create a very different effect.

Paper beads are easy to make and you can decorate them with rubber stamps and inks to create your own unique effects. This is a great way to create your own custom beads to match other decorations. If you are new to making paper beads then they are explained in more detail in this article and a template is also provided to make creating them even easier - How to Make Paper Beads.

Materials Required

  • Ten paper beads
  • Complementary colored button and glass beads (the glass beads should be bigger than the hole in the center of the paper bead)
  • Craft wire


  1. Cut five pieces of craft wire that are a couple of inches longer than the length of two paper beads, thread two beads onto each piece of craft wire.
  2. Place a glass bead onto each end of the craft wire and bend the wire round to form a loop which will stop the beads from coming off the craft wire
  3. Lay the pieces of wire over each other so they cross to form a star
  4. Use a piece of craft wire to bind the beaded craft wire into place and attach a button to the center of the star.
Tip: If your star is going to be hanging loose, you may want to add a button on either side so it can be seen whichever way the star is hanging.

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