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How to Make a 3D Paper Chandelier Decoration with Free Template


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How to Make a 3D Paper Chandelier Decoration
Paper Chandelier Decoration

Paper Chandelier Decoration

Kate Pullen

This pretty paper chandelier will make a great decoration for parties and celebrations. This chandelier is easy to make using our template - Chandelier Template. There is, however, a lot of cutting involved, so this might be a good project to spread out over a couple of evenings.

The chandelier decoration is made from cutting four chandelier shapes using the template and joining these together to create a three dimensional shape. Rubber stamps can be used to add decoration and detail to the paper chandelier. I used gold ink to add a sparkle to the chandelier decoration.

There are a number of ways that this project can be adapted. Making more pieces, for instance, would produce a more detailed finished look.

Materials Required

  • Lightweight cardstock
  • Chandelier template (see the next page)
  • Glue, stapler
  • Rubber stamps, inks and embossing powder as required
  • Beads to make tassel
  • General crafting supplies


  1. Cut four chandelier shapes using the paper template. If you are going to decorate the paper with rubber stamps then you can do this before or after you cut the paper. I do it afterwards so I can ensure an even placement of the rubber stamped design. Decorate one side of the paper (if it is folded, decorate the inside) with stamps and other embellishments as required.

    Tip: One way to save time when cutting the chandelier shape is to fold the template and the paper in half and cut through the double thickness. This can be harder on the hands, however, depending on the thickness of paper used.

  2. Make sure the four chandelier pieces are folded in half, with the decorated side being on the inside. Apply glue to one outside section of a chandelier piece and attach this to the outside section of another pieced. Repeat this until the four sections are joined together. Attach a cord or ribbon to the top so the chandelier can be hung up to be displayed and add a tassel to the bottom for added interest. I made a tassel by adding a few glass beads to a piece of beading wire and stapling this to the base of the chandelier.

The chandelier is now finished and ready for you to enjoy!

Ideas for Using the Chandelier

  • A novel idea would be to join three of the sides of the chandelier together and use this instead of a greeting card. The lucky recipient would then simply need to glue the remaining side together to make their own chandelier
  • Use pieces of scrapbook paper to make your chandelier
  • Make mini-chandeliers by reducing the size of the template on a photocopier or your printer and using these as tree decorations

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