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Cover Brads with Polymer Clay


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Make Your Own Customized Brads with Polymer Clay
Customize Brads with Polymer Clay

Customize Brads with Polymer Clay

Kate Pullen

Cover plain metal brads with polymer clay to create your own unique embellishments. These can be used to add a special finishing touch to handmade cards or other projects. This is a great way to use up odds and ends of polymer clay. While this is a quick and easy project, be warned - it can be very addictive!

I used scraps of polymer clay from other projects to cover these brads. Even very tiny scraps can be used. Mix them together to form a bigger lump of polymer clay and this will give a very attractive marbled effect.

Materials Required

  • Scraps of polymer clay (see Polymer Clay for more information)
  • Plain metal brads
  • Craft rolling pin, craft knife or blade
  • Oven for curing or baking the polymer clay

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