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Easy Two Color Polymer Clay Pendant


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Easy Two Color Polymer Clay Pendant
Two Color Polymer Clay Pendant

Two Color Polymer Clay Pendant

Kate Pullen

This easy two color polymer clay pendant is quick to make (see Polymer Clay for more information about this versatile craft material). The pendant can be adapted in many ways. In addition to hanging the pendant from a cord to make it into a necklace or choker, it can be used as a card topper, unusual gift tag or adapted for use as a keyring or bag charm.

The two part design is the main feature of the pendant. It is important to pick a stamp where the design allows for part of the design to be highlighted in a second color. I used a stamp by Design Originals, however there are many stamps that are suitable. Have a look through your collection for inspiration. If you are not sure what the end result will look like, have a go at stamping your stamp in two different colored inks and make a paper version of the pendant. This will show how the end design will look.

Another key feature of this project is the choice of two brightly contrasting colors. This makes a striking pendant. Two more subtle colors would give a very different finished effect. Remember that polymer clay can be mixed and blended to create your own palette of colors so you could create this pendant in your own custom shades.

Materials Required

  • Two colors of polymer clay
  • Craft rolling pin, ceramic tile or other work surface
  • Craft knife
  • Mister to spray the stamp with water (to stop the clay from sticking)
  • Oven to cure the polymer clay
  • Rubber stamp
  • Cord for wearing the pendant
See the next pages for a step by step guide explaining how to make this easy two color polymer clay pendant.

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