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Make an Easy Pop Up Heart Card


Make an Easy Pop Up Heart Card
Pop Up Heart Card

Pop Up Heart Card

Kate Pullen

The simple pop up heart card is quick and easy to make. The main focus of the card is the central heart that pops up when the card is opened. Any heart can be used for the pop up shape, you could draw a heart freehand, use a suitable rubber stamp or, as I did, use a digital stamp. I used a free digital stamp from My Graphico. If you are new to digital stamps then this could be a good opportunity to try your hand at using digital stamps (see about digital stamps for more information).

The basic card is formed from two pieces of card. I opted for two strong contrasting colors of red and white as my color scheme. This emphasized the pop up design. It is best not to use cardstock that is too thick as this can make a bulky card, it is also difficult to cut.

Tip: The heart should be small enough that it does not protrude from the card when it is folded. The heart should be half the total width of the open card. An easy way to do this is to ensure that the heart is smaller than one side of the card.

Materials Required

  • Two pieces of thin card stock
  • Heart rubber stamp, template or the free digital stamp from My Graphico that can be found here - Free Ornate Stamp
  • Scissors, adhesive, pens or pencils and other basic craft tools


  1. Draw, stamp or print the heart so it is in the middle of the paper. The center line of the heart should fall along the fold line.
  2. Add any coloring or decoration to the heart as required
  3. Score and fold the card down the middle
  4. Cut around the top of the heart and the bottom of the heart leaving a piece of about 1 inch in length uncut at the same point on both sides (it is best to do this with the card folded as that ensures that the heart will be symmetrical)
  5. Carefully score and fold the card so that the heart section folds out from the main body of the card
  6. Adhere the piece of card with the heart on it to the other piece of card - be careful not to add glue to the heart piece
  7. Finish the card as required with a romantic sentiment or other decorations

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