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Rubber Stamp Decorated Polymer Clay Brooch


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Rubber Stamp Decorated Polymer Clay Brooch
Polymer Clay Brooch

Polymer Clay Brooch

Kate Pullen

Baked polymer clay is easy to stamp on and gives the creative rubber stamper plenty of opportunity to try new projects. This simple brooch is ideal for beginners and can be adapted to make a pendant, earrings or other types of jewelry or card embellishments.

I have used a liquid polymer clay to coat the stamped polymer clay. While this looks opaque before baking, after curing it becomes transparent. This gives added dimension to the project and accentuates the stamped image. A clear varnish or glaze would have worked equally well.

Any type of rubber stamp can be used. I opted for one of my favorites, which is a floral outline stamp with plenty of opportunity for adding color. A permanent ink such as StazOn would also be a good option for ink as it will not run or smudge.

I made a polymer clay 'frame' to finish this brooch. I picked a color that complemented the colors that I had used to color the rubber stamped image. The frame helps to give the brooch a more finished look and balances the design.


  • White polymer clay
  • Rubber stamp, ink and pencils or paints
  • Complementary colored polymer clay
  • Liquid polymer clay
  • Brooch finding
  • Polymer clay tools
See the step by step guide on the following pages which explain how to make this brooch.

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