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How to Make Sewing Pin Heads


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Use Shrink Plastic to Create Unusual Pin Heads
Make your own sewing pin heads!

Make your own sewing pin heads!

Kate Pullen
Shrink plastic is ideal for creating tiny embellishments to add to sewing pins and these make lovely and unusual pin heads. The pin heads are easy to customize and decorate using a variety of rubber stamps and coloring methods. These make great gifts for people who enjoy sewing and needlecraft.

Metal sewing pins are used for this project. The pin heads are pressed into the hot plastic and this partially embeds them into the surface. This is important as this helps to secure the pin firmly. A dab of epoxy resin fixes the pin in place.

Materials Required
  • Long sewing pins with metal heads
  • Shrink plastic
  • Punch or scissors
  • Rubber stamps and pigment ink
  • Pens, pencils or paints to add color
  • Heat tool (embossing gun)
  • Epoxy resin glue

Submit Your Photos!

If you have used shrink plastic and have a photo of a finished item that you would like to share, then you are welcome to use this form to show off your work - Submit Shrink Plastic Photos
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