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How to Make Shrink Plastic Charms


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How to Make Shrink Plastic Charms
Shrink Plastic Charm Jewelry

Shrink Plastic Charm Jewelry

Kate Pullen

Rubber stamps are a great way to create interesting designs on shrink plastic. The stamped images can be colored using pens, inks or pencils to create interesting designs.

Shrink plastic is perfect for making charms. Before it is heated, shrink plastic is the same thickness as a normal sheet of cardstock. However, when it is heated the plastic shrinks to about a quarter of its original size and it also thickens substantially. The end result is a robust plastic shape that can be used in a variety of ways.

Charms made with shrink plastic can be used to make items of jewelry or as fun accessories. These are also ideal for embellishing handmade cards or other projects.

Materials Required

  • Sheets of shrink plastic
  • Rubber stamps and permanent ink (for instance Ranger Archival)
  • Coloring supplies, such as pens or inks
  • Scissors, craft knife, hole punch
  • Heat source (check the manufacturers instructions for any specific information relating to the shrink plastic
  • Cord or necklace to hang charms from (as shrink plastic charms are very light I used a fancy knitting yarn to make an unusual choker)
See the following pages for a step by step guide to making shrink plastic charms.

Tip: - shrink plastic kits are also available and these contain themed printed and cut shapes. This can be a useful standby and are handy for younger children (with adults doing the heating). Compare Prices

Submit Your Photos!

If you have used shrink plastic and have a photo of a finished item that you would like to share, then you are welcome to use this form to show off your work - Submit Shrink Plastic Photos
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