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Make a Shrink Plastic Charm Necklace


Make a Shrink Plastic Charm Necklace
Shrink Plastic Charm Necklace

Shrink Plastic Charm Necklace

Kate Pullen

This pretty shrink plastic necklace is deceptively simple to make. All that is required are a few rubber stamps and ink, some shrink plastic and a chain to hang the finished charms from. I opted for a single color design, so I simply stamped a design onto the shrink plastic using stamps with solid designs. If I had wanted to add more color then stamps with outline designs that I could color in with marker pens or pencils would be perfect.

Glass beads are used to complement the color of the shrink plastic charms. The glass beads add substance to the necklace and help to create the eclectic look of the finished necklace. Other charms or items could also be added.

If you don't have a suitable chain to hang the charms from, why not consider crocheting a chain using craft wire? This is a quick and easy way to create chain for your rubber stamped shrink plastic jewelry. As the finished charms are very lightweight they will not pull even the thinest of wires out of shape. To crochet a chain using wire pick a thin craft wire (.3mm or similar will be perfect) and use an old crochet hook. I used a 5mm crochet hook to crochet the chain in the photograph. If you want a thicker chain then it is easier to work with two strands of thin wire than a single piece of thick wire. To learn more about the crochet chain stitch see this article Learn to Crochet - Chain Stitch


  • Shrink plastic and heat source (refer to manufacturers instructions)
  • Rubber stamps and inks
  • Hole punch, scissors and basic craft supplies
  • Craft wire (I used .3mm) and glass beads
  • Chain to hang the finished charms from
Note about inks - different types of inks give varying results when working with shrink plastic. Slow drying inks, such as pigment inks, sometimes will not dry, even when heated and some inks may 'bleed' on certain types of shrink plastic. It is therefore a good idea to make a sample charm to see how the ink reacts. I get consistently good results with StazOn ink.


See How to Make Shrink Plastic Charms for a step by step guide to making shrink plastic charms. Make your required number of charms. Cut a piece of craft wire and attach one end to the charm by threading the wire through the hole and wrapping it around itself to make a loop. Thread beads as required onto the wire and attach the wire to the chain in the same way. Repeat this process until all the charms are attached.

Ideas for Variations

Here are some ideas for adapting this necklace:

  • Add holes to the bottom of the charms as well as the top to hang beads from or to create longer strands of charms
  • Color the edges of the charms with marker pens to give more depth to the charms
  • Dip the edges of the charms in metallic embossing powder and heat this to give a metallic 'frame' to the charms
  • Instead of using a wire chain, try using yarn or fiber for a very different look

Submit Your Photos!

If you have used shrink plastic you are welcome to submit a photo here - Submit Shrink Plastic Photos.
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