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Textured Air Dry Clay Napkin Ring


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Textured Air Dry Clay Napkin Ring
Napkin Ring

Make a Napkin Ring

Kate Pullen

This air dry clay napkin ring is deceptively easy to make. The surface of the clay is textured using clear unmounted stamps before being dusted with pigment powders. This highlights the rich texture of the surface. See How to Texture Air Dry Clay for a step by step guide explaining how to texture the surface of air dry clay using rubber stamps.

When making this napkin ring you have the choice of cutting and shaping the clay before or after texturing the surface, or you could leave the edges rough as I have done here (examples of a napkin ring with trimmed edges is shown later). The choice will depend on your desired finished effect.

Materials Required

  • Air dry clay
  • Craft rolling pin, craft knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Card tube (such as the inside of a roll of kitchen or toilet paper)
  • Stamps as required
  • Pigment powders if required to highlight the surface of the clay (I used Perfect Pearls).

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