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How to Make a Folded Paper Shirt


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Make a Folded Paper Shirt
Make a Folded Paper Shirt

Make a Folded Paper Shirt

Kate Pullen

Add this folded paper shirt to handmade cards, scrapbooks or other projects. This would make a great card for Father's Day or a man's birthday. The shirt is easy to fold from a single piece of paper. Decorate a piece of plain paper with rubber stamps or use a piece of scrapbooking or decorative paper to make this shirt. Flowers and bright colors will turn this into a Hawaiian shirt or you can make a business shirt by creating stripes using masking tape.

There are many ways that this basic shirt design can be adapted and customized. It is made from a single rectangle sheet of paper. The length of the sheet is approximately twice the width. The shirt can be made in any size, simply vary the size of the paper while keeping the proportions roughly the same. The finished shirt will be approximately half of the width and a little less than the height of the original paper size.


  • Piece of paper of the required size
  • Rubber stamps and inks to decorate the paper if required
  • Scissors
  • Paper scorer or folder (optional, but extremely useful for getting crisp folds)
Note: As with many paper folding projects, it is best to try the project using scrap paper before moving on to best paper. This will allow you to see how the different steps are formed to make the shirt. This is also useful if you are decorating the paper as you can decide how you want to decorate the paper with stamps.

If you have made a folded paper shirt - either using this tutorial, your own design or by using instructions you have found else where - you are welcome to post pictures of your work to share with others. Use this form to submit your photograph and a few words about your project - Folded Paper Shirt Show and Tell.
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