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Make a Paper Star Decoration or Ornament


How to Make a Paper Star Decoration or Ornament
Large Paper Star Ornament

Large Folded Paper Star Decoration or Ornament

Kate Pullen
You may have seen the small paper stars that are made by folding a single strip of paper. This project is a variation on the traditional paper stars. By using a larger strip of paper, a big and striking 3d paper star is created. The star decoration can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to making an effective holiday ornament, it will also look great as a decoration for parties or other special occasions. Make a few to use instead of paper flowers or adding to paper flower displays!

A long strip of paper is required to make the star. I used a strip from a roll of craft paper to make the star in the photograph, which I decorated with rubber stamps. A strip of wrapping paper or even wallpaper would also work well. Vary the size of the paper to alter the finished size of the star.


  • Strip of paper (I used a strip of paper 8 feet long and 4 inches wide)
  • Rubber stamps and inks to decorate the paper if required
  • Scissors, glue and other basic crafting supplies


The paper star is created following these instructions folded paper star instructions (I strongly recommend making a small paper star from scrap paper first to familiarize yourself with the process).
  • Fold the strip of paper following the instructions, however before shaping the star run a line of glue along any open edges. While this isn't strictly necessary, it does help produce a more robust finished item
  • Rubber stamp the flat folded paper before starting to shape the star. When this has dried finish the star according to the instructions.
You can finish the star in a variety of ways. I attached the star to a stick so it could be stuck in the ground. It could also be hung from a ceiling using monofilament or thread. I made a few streamers to hang from the base of the star. I made the streamers by cutting thin strips of craft paper and curling them around a pencil.

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