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100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps

100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps by Francoise Read

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100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps

100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps

David and Charles
100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps does not disappoint. This book explores 25 rubber stamping techniques in detail and these techniques are used to create cards, gifts and keepsakes with 100 ways of using stamps illustrated. The techniques range from the basics through to the more unusual, meaning that the book will appeal to stampers of all experience levels. This book is certainly not just about making cards – although there are plenty of card projects. Stampers looking for other ways of using their stamps will also find instructions for stamping on fabric, glass and polymer clay, plus many other innovative ideas.


The projects in 100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps are broken down by technique. At the start of each section full information is given about a technique and then a number of projects and variations explore the technique further. This approach is a useful way to help inspire readers by showing them the different effects that can be achieved. Step by step photos are given throughout the book and these will help even beginner stampers tackle different techniques and projects.

Each project is also categorized by occasion and this is illustrated with a motif key. Projects suitable for birthdays, for instance, are indicated with a symbol of a birthday cake. All the projects can be adapted to a variety of occasions.

Projects also give complete supplies lists, however it is also very easy to substitute stamps and other supplies. Templates are provided to make boxes and other items used in projects.

Rubber Stamping Basics

100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps starts with some important information including details about different types of stamps, a breakdown of different supplies such as inks, paper and cardstock, and a discussion of different tools. This is useful for stampers who are starting out and acts as a useful reminder for more experienced stampers.

Supplier information is given with website addresses making it easy to find the supplies online if necessary. Most of the supplies, however, are readily available and should be easy to find in stamping and craft stores.


100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps is an excellent all-round stamping book and one that stampers of all backgrounds will find useful. Beginner stampers will find plenty to inspire whereas more experienced stampers, who are looking for ideas for new things to do with their stamps, will find many innovative projects.

The book is packed with positive features, the one drawback, however, is that it would be useful to have more information about substituting products. The extensive shopping list that a new rubber stamper would have to draw up to complete more than just a handful of the 100 projects could soon become cost prohibitive. A few hints on how to substitute products - in particular inks, would be welcome. Note: Stampers who own Francoise Read's first rubber stamping book, The Rubber Stamper's Bible will know what to expect and will be familiar with Francoise's friendly yet informative style. There are similarities with The Rubber Stamper's Bible and it should be noted that this is not the second book in a series and therefore some of the same techniques are covered in both books. Most of the projects in 100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps are fresh and innovative and are different enough from the The Rubber Stamper's Bible to provide value.

Further Information

  • Title: 100 Great Ways to Use Rubber Stamps
  • Publisher: David & Charles (September 5, 2007)
  • ISBN-13: 978-0715324585
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