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Review of Gel-a-tins Scented Embossing Powders

Gel-a-tin's Scented Embossing Powders

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Gel-A-Tins Scented Embossing Powder

Gel-A-Tins Scented Embossing Powder

Photo: Kate Pullen
Scented embossing powder is one of the latest innovations in the fast moving world of stamping supplies. The popular stamp company Gel-a-tins sell a range of embossing powders which each have a distinctive fragrance. The color and fragrance complement each other, so the pink powders smell of bubblegum and the deep brown embossing powders smell of chocolate. Other fragrances include lilac, vanilla, cherry, Christmas pine and coffee.

Unusually for a rubber stamping product review, this test also included regular scent checks to see how the fragrance lasted over time.

How do Scented Embossing Powders Work?

Scented embossing powders work in exactly the same way as standard embossing powders. Therefore an image is stamped using an embossing or slow drying ink, the powders are poured over the top with any excess being removed and this is then heated using a heat gun. The scented embossing powders, when heated, form a hard and glossy surface. The scent is said to last for about three weeks.

The Gel-a-tins scented Gelly Powder is sold in 20g jars. These clear plastic jars have a metal lid and a strong contemporary image.

Chocolate Bliss Embossing Powder Review

Chocolate scented embossing powder was chosen for this review. The first thing that was noticed when the pot was opened was the distinctive smell of cocoa - there was a definite chocolaty whiff! The powders were used in the same way as standard embossing powder and they performed as expected. When the powders were heated there was a further smell of chocolate, although this gradually disappeared.

When the image was cool it still retained the chocolaty fragrance, although this did get fainter over the next few days. A further sniff after 10 days indicated that the fragrance was there, although getting faint and it had all but disappeared after three weeks.

The embossed image looked great and the deep dark brown is a good strong color and highly adaptable.

How Would These Powders Be Used?

There is a large gimmick value to these powders however there is nothing wrong with that. It is fun to think of ways that stamping can appeal to senses other than sight. These would be great to use with cards as the fragrance would be very apparent when the card was opened. A waft of chocolate or other scents would accompany the card as it was removed from the envelope. The scented powders would work well on other projects, for instance gift wrap or embossing boxes.

Tips for Using Scented Embossing Powders

  • Pick a scent and color that appeals to the recipient, a chocolate scented card would be ideal for a chocoholic and even after the scent had gone, the rich dark color would still conjure up the image of a chocolate delight.
  • If you want to make the card in advance, complete the card without the embossing and do this at the very last moment. This will ensure that the scent is fresh and strong for when the card is given.


This is a innovative product and yes, it is gimmicky, however the quality of the embossing powders is good and even when the scent has disappeared, the embossed image remains strong.

The embossing powder used in this review was purchased directly from the Gel-a-tins website.

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