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Illustrated Review of the Rock-a-Block Stamp Mounting System

The New Stamping Block from Crafter's Companion


This is an illustrated review of the new Rock-a-Block stamping system from Crafter's Companion. Unmounted rubber stamps are temporarily attached to the block and then 'rocked' over the paper to print an image. Unlike the more common flat acrylic stamping blocks, the Rock-a-Block system has a curved surface and depth gauges ('runners') which ensure that an even pressure is exerted and consistent images stamped every time.

1. The Blocks

The curved surface
Kate Pullen
Unlike traditional stamp blocks, the Rock-a-Block system has a curved surface. There is a depth gauge or rail at the end of two of the edges to ensure that a consistent pressure is achieved.

2. Attach the Stamp to the Block

Attach the stamp to the block
Kate Pullen
Use Stick and Spray or other repositionable glue to attach unmounted rubber stamps to the blocks. Clear and acrylic stamps will cling without the need of additional glue.

3. Rock the Block

Rock the block
Kate Pullen
Ensure that the work surface is flat and level then 'rock' the block to stamp the image. Carefully use a rocking motion and apply firm pressure to ensure that the block does not slip or slide. Only rock the block once to avoid a 'shadowing' of the image.

4. The Finished Image

The finished image
Kate Pullen
Carefully lift the block from the page and the finished stamped image should be clear and crisp. Stamp: Cute Companions by Jayne Nestorenko for Crafter's Companion

5. Color and Finish as Required

Finished card
Kate Pullen
Color the image and finish it as required. The image in the photograph has been colored using pencils and used as a 'thank you' greeting card.
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