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Sentiments for Sympathy Cards


Finding the right words for sympathy cards can sometimes be difficult. Many rubber stamp manufacturers offer a range of sympathy sentiment rubber stamps that can be added to sympathy cards, however if you don't have the right rubber stamps or you want to add a few extra words to your card then we have collected together some suitable ideas for you. More information about making sympathy cards is available here - Tips for Making Sympathy Cards.

Adding Words and Sentiments to Sympathy Cards

There are many ways to add words and sentiments to sympathy cards. If you have suitable rubber stamps then simply stamp the message on the card as desired. However you may prefer to handwrite or type and print the message and attach it to the card as a panel. When you attach a piece of paper or panel with a sentiment to your card try coloring the edges using an ink pad or marker pen to make it blend in with your design. Drawing a frame around the panel will also help to give it a more 'finished' look.

Words and Sentiments Suitable for Sympathy Cards

This list contains some suggestions for suitable words and sentiments for sympathy cards:
  • Sympathy and grief quotes - a list of popular quotes about grief which are ideal for adding to sympathy and condolence cards
  • Short quotes - these short quotes could be added to sympathy cards as sentiments or as part of a more detailed message
  • Short quotes - these short quotes could be added to sympathy cards as sentiments or as part of a more detailed message
  • Sympathy messages - this list includes many single line condolences and messages of sympathy as well as longer poems and text
  • Sympathy verses - these verses would be ideal for decorating the front of a sympathy card along with a simple stamped image
  • Sympathy poems - these original sympathy and condolence poems make a thoughtful addition to a card
  • how to write a condolence message - this article gives a useful insight into the words to write and how to phrase a letter or message of condolence
When you are looking for words for a sympathy card remember that a simple handwritten 'I'm thinking of you' is often all that needs to be said.
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