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Words for Thanksgiving, Including Sentiments, Quotes, Verses, Poems and More

Find the Perfect Words for a Thanksgiving Project


Find Words for Thanksgiving Projects

Find Words for Thanksgiving Projects

Kate Pullen

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we give thanks for all the things that we are thankful for. These range from little things that may be insignificant to others but are of great importance to us personally, through to the larger things that we all give thanks for.

Handmade cards, gifts, scrapbooks and other projects are a great way to share Thanksgiving thoughts with others. Whether it's a handmade card to tell someone how much you are thankful for their friendship or a scrapbook recording your personal thoughts this Thanksgiving, finding the right words and sentiments can be the perfect way to finish the project. If you are looking for ideas for things to make this Thanksgiving then take a look at some of these projects - Thanksgiving Rubber Stamping and Craft Projects.

Types of Sentiments for Thanksgiving Cards and Projects

There are many different types of words and sentiments that can be used in Thanksgiving projects. These range from a few simple words of thanks which are powerful because they come straight from the heart, through to traditional poems or quotes from the bible. Tailoring the types of words to match the nature of the project is important. As is making sure that the words are suitable for the recipient. A very traditional Thanksgiving theme will work well with a few traditional words, whereas if you are planning an amusing or funny card or other project, then a joke or humorous verse will be a great accompaniment.

Poems and Verses for Thanksgiving

Here are a wide range of poems and verses that are suitable for Thanksgiving projects. These include contemporary, traditional and original works.

Thanksgiving Quotations

Thanksgiving quotes can be a great addition to a Thanksgiving project. These range from thought-provoking quotes through to insightful one-liners.

Thanksgiving Short Stories

A Thanksgiving short story can make a great addition to a project. A short story could be included in a handmade Thanksgiving card or could even be printed out and used as a backing paper for a project.

More Ideas for Thanksgiving Words

Here are some more ideas for words for Halloween projects:
  • Write from the heart - the single word 'thanks' when it comes straight from the heart means so much more than stock poems or verses. If you can't find the right words then keep your message short and simple, a heart-felt thank you will work in many projects.
  • Make 'thank you' the feature - make a list of all the things that you are thankful for that start with the letters of the words 'thank you'. This can then be spelled out as the central feature of your card or project.
  • Add a puzzle - a puzzle with a Thanksgiving theme could be a good alternative to traditional Thanksgiving verses. See the Thanksgiving puzzles pages at About.com Puzzles for more ideas.
  • Make a list - make a list of all the things that you are thankful for and use these as inspiration for a Thanksgiving project. Try and turn them into a poem or verse - remember that poems and verses don't need to rhyme!

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