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Free Printable Awareness Ribbon Template


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Free Awareness Ribbon Template
Awareness Ribbon Template

Awareness Ribbon Template

Kate Pullen
Awareness ribbons are a very visual way to help raise the profile of a cause or campaign. A colored ribbon helps to build awareness and keep an issue at the forefront of people's minds. Use the templates on the following pages to add a ribbon to a rubber stamping or other craft project and help to support a cause or campaign. There are two styles of ribbon, the first is a flat ribbon that can be cut out and attached directly to a project. The second has been designed to give a slight three dimensional feel. The fold of this ribbon stands slightly proud from the page and is ideal for giving added dimension without making the project too bulky.

How to Use Awareness Ribbon Templates

One of the simplest ways to use the awareness ribbon template is to print the template onto the relevant colored paper and attach this to a project. Interesting variations can be achieved by using white or another light colored paper and rubber stamping over this with an appropriate colored ink. Sections of the stamped image can be colored to add further detail. The pink breast cancer awareness ribbon shown above has been created by stamping over white paper with pink ink and highlighting sections of the image with colored pencils.
Tips: - remember to ink the edges of the ribbon for a professional looking finish. This also helps to highlight the ribbon design.

Further Reading About Awareness Ribbons

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