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Find Unusual and Unique Rubber Stamps on Etsy

Buying Rubber Stamps on Etsy.com


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Etsy home page


The Etsy.com website offers an interesting opportunity for stampers who are looking for something a little different. The Etsy Internet site has been set up for crafters to showcase and sell their handmade items. This includes many finished items made using a variety of arts and crafts techniques. Excitingly for stampers, however, it also features many stamps that have been designed and created by independent artists and designers. There are a growing number of stamp designers selling their stamps on Etsy and this is definitely an interesting place to look for new and exciting designs.

What is Etsy?

Etsy was launched in June 2005 as an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade. It is a global website with people from all over the world buying and selling hand crafted goods. In order for goods to be sold on the website they must be handmade, however arts and crafts supplies are also sold.

Types of Rubber Stamps Available

There are a wide range of different designs and types of rubber stamp available on Etsy. These include hand carved stamps, clear or acrylic stamps and mounted and unmounted stamps. Most of these stamps have been designed by independent artists and designers, however there are some second hand or 'retired' stamps also available. The designs include highly unusual and individual stamps which are unlike anything that you'll find in a mainstream stamp catalog. If the stamp designer has an Angel Policy this is normally stated in the product information.

Customized Stamps and Commissions

Many stamp designers offer stamps that can be customized. These are often stamps such as 'Hand Made by Your Name' where customers can include their own name and address stamps. Some designers also will take commissions and will design and produce a rubber stamp to the customer's specification.

How it Works

Anyone can view the products for sale on Etsy. To find the latest rubber stamps available, simply type in 'rubber stamps' or other more specific search terms into the search bar. A list of all available rubber stamps will be returned. This list can be sorted in different ways. Users need to register in order to buy or sell items on Etsy. This is simple to do and once registered, members can get in touch with each other via the site.

Etsy Sellers

Each seller is responsible for setting their own prices, policies on returns, what payment methods they will accept (PayPay is commonly used) and where they will deliver to. Each seller has a rating and this is based on the feedback received from customers. This is a good way of checking a seller's reputation and is particularly useful if you are thinking about spending a lot of money with a seller. Etsy sellers come from all over the world so it's important to check the seller's information regarding postage and delivery costs. Sellers also have an Etsy shop where all of their products are listed and other information is given.

This is an interesting place for stampers to look at stamps from many different designers.

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