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Face Paint Stamps - Easy Face Painting

Make Face Painting Easy with Face Painting Stamps


Face painting is perfect for kid's parties. If you've always fancied the idea of face painting, but have been put off because it seems too complicated or perhaps you are not confident about your freehand drawing skills, then face painting stamps might be just the thing!

Face paint stamps are simple to use, in fact they can be used much in the same way as traditional rubber stamps, however instead of stamping onto paper, you are stamping onto a youngster's face. Face paint stamps are ideal for kid's parties as they are quick to use and a large number of kids can be decorated in a short space of time. This will help to stop any youngsters from getting bored and fractious while they wait.

How to Use Face Painting Stamps

Face painting stamps are typically made of rubber and have a foam backing. This makes the stamp flexible without being too soft. Stamps suitable for face painting designs have a strong and simple shape without too much detail that may smudge or be unclear. Using face painting stamps is very simple:

  1. Stamp the image onto a child's face or arm
  2. Use face painting paints to fill in the outline and add detail to the image
  3. Add cosmetic grade glitter or stick on jewels to finish the design

Tips for Using Face Painting Stamps

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your face painting stamps:
  • Inks - there are inks and ink pads that have been specifically designed for use on skin. These are water soluble and are safe to use on a child's skin. It is also possible to use normal face paints on a stamp. Carefully 'paint' these over the die part of the stamp before stamping it. Liquid face paints can be used to make a temporary ink pad by pouring a little into a saucer or other flat object.
  • Manage expectations - face painting stamps are quick and simple to use, however they do produce more basic designs than freehand face painting. It is therefore useful to manage the youngster's expectations and let them know early on what types of designs they will be able to choose from.
  • Temporary Tattoos - face painting stamps also make great temporary tattoos. Simply stamp a design onto a child's arm using black ink and add some simple color. This is an even quicker way to use face paints and this is ideal for when time is limited.

Buying Face Paint Stamps

The best places to find face paint stamps is from face paint supply stores. These often have a good range to pick from. More information can be found on the following websites:

  • Graftobian - the Stamptoo range of face paint stamps plus all you need to use them
  • Snazaroo - the Burpo range of face paint stamps
These stamps can be used with any face paints. Face paints are widely available from costume and craft stores as well as a wide variety of online retailers. Compare Prices

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