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Layering Images Using Paper Piecing Techniques


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Layering Rubber Stamped Images Using Paper Piecing Techniques
Layer rubber stamped images

Layer rubber stamped images

Kate Pullen
Many rubber stamp designs are great for layering using paper piecing techniques. Different sections of the stamped image can be cut out and reassembled to add depth to a rubber stamping project. Paper piecinga is a particularly good technique for making handmade cards. Assemble the sections of the image with a double sided tape or glue dots to increase the three dimensional effects.

Picking Rubber Stamps for Layering and Paper Piecing Projects

The best rubber stamps to use in paper piecing projects are bold designs with distinct sections. It is important that different sections can be cut from the stamped image therefore strong outlines are also useful. Very complex designs can look effective, however these entail a lot of cutting which is often best completed with a craft knife.

Good stamps for this technique include character stamps which allow heads and limbs to be cut out and attached separately. Flower stamps are also good as the petals can be built up top give the project added dimension.

Materials Required

  • Rubber stamp
  • Pieces of paper to stamp on and background to compile the image
  • Ink pad as required (a dye ink is useful as it dries quickly)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue, glue dots or double sided tape
  • Coloring media
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