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Distress Inks
Using Distress Ink

Distressed paper

Kate Pullen
If you have seen rubber stamping projects that use wonderful distressing techniques and have wondered how they are done, read on! Distressing paper creates unusual and interesting results and is great fun to do. Special inks help to ensure great results.

Tim Holtz Distress Inks by Ranger Inks have been specially formulated to give an aged finish to projects. They can be used in many different ways, from creating unique aged backgrounds for rubber stamping on, for stamping images, adding color to photographs and much more. The water soluble dye inks have been designed to bleed and blend on the paper. They are great fun to use and wonderful results can be achieved quickly and easily.

To use Distress Inks all that is required is paper, a rubber stamp, a fine spray bottle or a 'spritzer' and, of course, a Distress Ink pad or two!

Tip: Practice and explore the technique on scrap paper. Make a note on the paper of how you achieved the results and keep this in a reference file. This will be useful to refer to when planning future stamping projects.
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