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Rubber Stamped Egg Mobile Tutorial


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Rubber Stamped Egg Mobile
Egg Mobile

Egg Mobile

Kate Pullen
These decorated eggs have been turned into cute mobiles. The beaded tassels catch the light as the egg turns. Follow the rubber stamped theme through by adding some charms made from rubber stamping on shrink plastic.

The stamped images on the eggs have been made by pressing part of an unmounted stamp against the egg. This can also be embossed and the overall impression is abstract and lacy.

Supplies Required
  • Unmounted rubber stamps - Unmounted stamps are best for this project as they form themselves to the shape of the egg. However it is possible to use mounted stamps by rolling the stamp slightly around the shape of the egg. This is prone to smudging so it is a good idea to practice before starting.
  • Eggs - Use blown eggs, which have literally had the contents blown out through 2 small holes. The egg shells can be dyed or painted to give them additional color or left so the natural color of the egg shell is shown.
  • Pigment or embossing inks (slow drying inks)
  • Embossing powder
  • Heat gun
  • Beads for tassels (the quantity of beads will depend on the length and number of tassels required)
  • Craft wire (approximately .4mm)
  • A metal knitting needle or skewer to hold the egg while heating
Take a look at Stamping on Eggs for more information.

  • Stamp and emboss only a small patch of the egg at a time. Holding the egg with wet ink is fiddly, therefore working in small areas is easier to control.
  • The egg retains its heat therefore the embossing powders stay stickier for longer. Place the egg down to cool carefully to stop the embossed image from smudging.
  • Holding the egg while heating it might be difficult. Popping the egg onto a metal knitting needle means that the heat can be directed at all areas of the egg without your hands getting too hot.

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