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Acrylic Block

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What are Acrylic Blocks:

In order to use acrylic stamps a suitable block or handle must be purchased. The stamps are attached to the block for effective stamping. Unmounted stamps that have been mounted onto a mounting foam can also be used with acrylic blocks.

Acrylic blocks are completely transparent and can be found in a variety of sizes and styles.

Buying Acrylic Blocks:

Acrylic blocks are not expensive to purchase, however the cost does need to be factored in when planning to purchase clear stamps as they cannot be used without a suitable stamping block.

Sizes and Shapes of Blocks:

The blocks are available in a whole range of sizes and shapes. The best type of block to get is largely down to the individual and what actually feels good in the hand. Some blocks have shaping to make them easier to grip.

Cleaning Acrylic Blocks:

The blocks can be cleaned using a stamp cleaner or with soap and water. If using soaps make sure that the soaps do not contain moisturizing oils that may coat the surface as this may result in the stamps not sticking or moving when they are stamped.

Storing Acrylic Blocks:

Storing is quite simple as the blocks are fairly robust. Store the blocks where they will be kept clean and dust free and give them a wipe with a clean cloth before using. It is possible to buy acrylic block storage cases that keep blocks together in one place.

Tips for Buying and Using Acrylic Stamping Blocks:

  • Small blocks while being easy to use can only be used with small stamps. Larger blocks are more versatile but care needs to be taken to ensure even stamping
  • Thicker blocks are easier to hold onto and this helps with accurate positioning
  • Keep the block as clean as you would the stamps. Dirt, grease or oil on the surface will stop the stamps from sticking
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