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Glitter Glue - Add Sparkle to Rubber Stamping Projects


Glitter glues

Glitter glues

Kate Pullen

What is Glitter Glue?:

Traditional glitters are used by sprinkling the loose powders over glue. The glitter sticks to the glue and the rest is collected and poured back into the pot. New 'glitter glues' combine fine glitter particles with a clear or colored glue. This makes glitter glue a relatively mess free alternative and it is much easier to control than loose glitters. The glitter glue forms a raised surface. This is a great way to add sparkling embellishments to a rubber stamping project.

Types of Glitter Glue:

Glitter glue is generally sold in bottles or tubes with a nozzle and the glue is squeezed directly onto the paper. There are many different types and colors of glitter glue. The colors range from pale shades through to dark and vibrant hues. Darker colored glitter glues look particularly striking when used on a dark background. Some glitter glues are pearlescent and these give a lovely pearly finish on projects.

Buying Glitter Glues:

Most stamping and craft stores sell a range of glitter glues. They are available both singularly and in packs that contain a range of colors. Glitter glue goes a long way, so although the bottle or tube size may seem smaller than normal glues, it will last through many different projects.

Some well known brands of glitter glue include:
  • Ranger Inks - manufacturers of brands such as Stickles and Liquid Pearls
  • Crayola - offer a range of glitter glues for use by children over the age of five years
Shop around to compare prices for the best deals!

Adding Glitter Glue to Rubber Stamping Projects:

Glitter glues are so easy to use! Simply squeeze a line or dot of glue onto your rubber stamping project to add some sparkle. The glue can also be used to fill in sections of an embossed rubber stamped image. Most glitter glues take about thirty minutes to dry. The glue will smudge if it is knocked when wet, therefore leave the addition of glitter glue to the end of the project.

Tips For Using Glitter Glue:

  • Less is more! A few dots of glitter glue will make an elegant feature, where as too much glitter can mask the details of a project
  • For a co-ordinated look, pick a glitter glue that is a similar color to the ink used to stamp an image
  • If the nozzle of the tube blocks, use a sewing needle to unblock it

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