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Moldable Foam Stamped Image

Moldable Foam Stamped Image (Crochet Doily)

Kate Pullen

What is Moldable Foam:

Moldable foam for rubber stamping projects is a compressed foam which becomes flexible when heated with a craft heat gun or heat tool. Once the surface is heated, the foam can be pressed onto items such as leaves, lace, fabrics etc and these will leave an impression when inked and stamped. When the surface is reheated, the foam flattens out again leaving a smooth surface. The process can be repeated with different images as required.

There are different brands of moldable foam available, however they all have similar characteristics. The foam is typically sold in blocks, sheets and shapes.

How to Use Moldable Foam:

  • Work on a flat surface.
  • Place the heated side of the block on top of textured item and press down using a book or block to apply even pressure.
  • In order to get an even impression, ensure that the surface of the foam is heated equally.
  • Remember that the images created are reverse impressions of the object.
  • Use a book, acrylic block or something else that is flat and slightly larger than the foam to press heated foam onto objects. This ensures that the pressure is applied equally over the block.
  • Inks and paints work well with the foam block.
  • Clean the block after use.
  • Reheat the block to prepare it for further use.

Buying Moldable Foam:

Moldable foam can be purchased from craft stores, art shops and online. Some online stores selling moldable foam include:

Tips for Stamping with Moldable Foam:

  • Deep impressions give clearer images
  • Bold objects work well, very fine lines and images might not show clearly
  • Draw directly onto the heated surface of the foam to produce unusual patterns
  • Add ink with a brayer when stamping for an even coating

Further Reading and Projects Using Moldable Foam:

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  • HGTV - a stamped quilt using moldable foam
  • Carolyn's Stamp Store - pillow box, including moldable foam decorations. Project includes a printable template
  • DIY - two ideas using moldable foam
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