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Mounted Rubber Stamp

Anatomy of a Rubber Stamp

Kate Pullen

Parts of a Rubber Stamp:

Mounted rubber stamps are formed from three parts. Unmounted rubber stamps either consist of just the die, or the die already adhered to the cushion.

Block or Mount:

The block or mount has traditionally been made from wood. These often have a replica of the stamp image on the block or mount for ease of identification. The wood is sometimes shaped so they are easy to grip which helps the precise positioning of a stamped image.

Tip: A coat of clear nail varnish on the untreated wood will help to avoid the wood staining with ink.


The cushion sits in the middle of a stamp and is padding between the block or mount and the die. The purpose of the cushion is to help distribute the pressure as the stamp is lowered and raised. This helps to ensure consistent and clear images.

Tip: If the cushion starts to come loose from either part of the stamp, it can be repaired easily with glue.


This is the exciting part! The die contains the image and is typically made from traditional rubber. A die with a good depth will help to ensure smooth images.

Tip: If the die has been roughly cut and the image has shadows, carefully cut away the spare rubber with a scalpel or craft knife.

How to Look After Your Mounted Rubber Stamps:

  • Storage - store stamps die side down and on a flat surface.
  • Cleaning - clean stamps well after use to prolong the life of the stamp. Do not allow wood to soak in water.
  • Inks - use the appropriate ink or paint for the stamp and project.

An alternative to mounted stamps are unmounted stamps.
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