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Self-Healing Cutting Mat


Self Healing Cutting Mat

Self Healing Cutting Mat

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Durable Cutting Surface:

A self-healing cutting mat is a useful tool to help with many rubber stamping and paper craft projects. A self-healing mat is used when cutting with a cutting tool such as a knife or rotary cutter. The mat protects the work surface while also giving a good surface to cut on. The surface of a self-healing mat is durable and the surface 'heals' after every cut. The cutting surface allows you to cut straight lines and will not dull the blade. Self-healing cutting mats are available in a wide variety of sizes.

Printed Grids:

Many self-healing cutting mats are printed with useful grids and markers. These are to help you when cutting paper or cardstock to a particular size. Some self-healing mats are marked with angle guidelines. A basic printed grid in inches or centimeters will be adequate for most rubber stamping and paper craft projects.

Buying a Self-Healing Cutting Mat:

Self-healing cutting mats are widely available from craft supply stores. Printing suppliers and stationery stores may also sell a variety of cutting mats. Self-healing cutting mats are also available to purchase online. Compare Prices

Tips for Buying a Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Here are some tips for buying a self-healing cutting mat to use when rubber stamping and paper crafting:
  • If storage space is an issue, look for a self-healing cutting mat that you can hang up. This is a good way to maximize available space.
  • A small cutting mat is portable and is useful if you travel to craft classes or crops.
  • Clean the surface of the cutting mat after use. This will stop any ink, glue or other items used when stamping from transferring to the next project.
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