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Stick On Jewels

Stick On Jewels or Gemstones

Kate Pullen

What Are Stick on Jewels and Rhinestones?:

If you are looking to add a little zing to your next card making or paper craft projects, how about taking a look at stick on jewels or rhinestones. These are small rhinestone with a self adhesive background which can be added to paper and cardstock. Stick on jewels or rhinestones can be used as accents for handmade cards and scrapbook pages and are very easy to use. These are little jewel shaped pieces of plastic or acrylic which have facets to catch the light and add some sparkle to your page. They are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and can be used to highlight a special feature on your card, for instance a special sentiment, or simply used to add a sparkling accent.

How to Buy Stick On Jewels and Rhinestones:

Stick on jewels and rhinestones are widely available. You will find them in craft and card making supply stores as well as online (Compare Prices). When you search online for stick on jewels and rhinestones there are a number of search terms to use. In addition to 'jewels' and 'rhinestones' these are also sometimes called 'gemstones', 'gems' and 'crystals', so it is worth expanding your search term if you don't find what you are looking for the first time.

Stick on jewels or rhinestones are typically sold by the sheet with several stick on gems attached to the sheet. Different shapes, sizes and colors can be included on a sheet. While there are many different options available in craft stores, these gemstone jewels can often be found in other stores as they are also used for home decoration, nail art etc.

How to Use Stick On Gemstones:

Stick on jewels and rhinestones are self adhesive, with a small glue dot on the flat side of the gem, as you peel the stick on jewel away from the backing sheet, the glue dot comes with it. The stick on jewel is then attached to paper or cardstock where the glue will adhere and hold the gem firmly in place. While you can use your fingers to peel the stick on jewel away from the backing sheet and to place it on a card or scrapbook page, this can be fiddly with very small pieces and a set of tweezers could be useful.

Tips for Using Stick on Jewels, Gemstones or Rhinestones:

Stick on jewels or rhinestones are very easy to use. They are a wonderful way to add some sparkle to your projects. Here are some tips to help you make great use of stick on jewels in your next project:
  • Look for jewels or rhinestones that complement your project. For example, pick stick on jewels which are within the color scheme you have chosen or shapes which reflect patterns or features in your handmade card or scrapbook page.
  • Make sure that your fingers are clean when you are working with stick on jewels. Dirt and dust will stick to the self adhesive backing which will reduce the strength of the adhesive and may stop the jewel from sticking firmly to the page.
  • If you make a mistake, try to peel the stick on jewel from the page and add some new adhesive or a glue dot to reposition the gem.
  • Keep a pack of crystal clear stick on gemstones to hand as these are useful for adding a touch of sparkle to many different projects.

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