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Wordsworth Poem Stamp


What Are Text Rubber Stamps?:

A text rubber stamp contains words and phrases. This makes them useful for customizing stamps for a particular occasion or adding a few words to a handmade card. Text stamps differ from alphabet stamps in so much as they come ready made and they save busy stampers from having to spell the individual words out, ensuring that each letter is perfectly placed.

Text stamps can be as simple as a short Happy Birthday through to amusing sentiments or phrases or even long poems which are written in scrolling text. Some text stamps are so detailed that they are a decorative form in their own right.

Using Text Rubber Stamps:

Text rubber stamps are used in the same way as image stamps. The main difference being text stamps can sometimes contain very fine detail and as such the stamps need to be carefully placed to avoid smudging. The text can be stamped directly onto the card or stamped onto paper for adding later. These stamps are particularly useful when working on a seasonal or themed project, as your existing stamps can be transformed using relevant text. For instance, a simple flower card could be used to say Happy Birthday, Get well Soon, Congratulations, You're Invited To, Thank You etc., by simply adding different text.

Backgrounds and Collage Work:

Text stamps also make ideal backgrounds for projects and a very simple yet elegant effect can be achieved by stamping a large text stamp containing a poem or saying onto a card and then decorating this with other stamps, embellishments, paints or anything else that comes to hand!

Text stamps are also ideal for collages and snippets or portions of text can be added to many collage projects. When using text stamps in projects such as this the actual words on the stamp are less important than the overall look. Flowing script fonts work particularly well for decorative backgrounds and collage work.

Types of Text Stamps:

Text stamps are found in all the traditional stamp forms - mounted, unmounted and clear acrylic. These stamps can sometimes be found in sets which offer a selection of words and phrases and these can be good value.

The size of text stamp will depend on the amount of text that is included. Some very detailed stamps, for instance those that contain a poem or lengthy saying, may be quite large stamps and may not leave much room on a project for anything else!

Text stamps are also useful for invitations and these can be a good way to create your own special invites for weddings, parties and other special occasions.

Buying Text Stamps:

The choice of text stamp will depend on the project. Many stamp designers and manufacturers offer a range of interesting text stamps. As well as looking at the larger stamp manufacturers it is also useful to look at smaller and independent designers who may offer an innovative and unusual range. Websites selling text stamps include:
  • Stampmagick - sell range of stamps including poems such as the Wordsworth poem stamp shown in the image at the top of the page
  • Alpha Stamps - offer a range of unusual word and phrase stamps
  • JFF Stamps - a selection of stamps
  • Red Castle Stamps - a range of word and phrase stamps

Tips for Using Text Stamps:

Small text stamps are very simple to use. Larger, more detailed stamps may take some practice to ensure that a clean image is achieved. Here are some tips that will help:
  • Some stampers find that they get more consistent results when stood up. This is because it is easier to ensure a constant pressure.
  • Practice with different inks, some inks are better suited to fine detail work. VersaFine ink by Tsukinko, for instance, has been developed specifically to give extra fine detail.
  • Ensure stamps are scrupulously cleaned after use, inks can soon block up fine detail in stamps and this can result in blurred images.

Printing Text:

Printing text is a quick alternative for occasions when the perfect text or sentiment stamp remains allusive.
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