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Findings for Keyrings, Phone and Bag Charms


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Findings for Keyrings, Phone and Bag Charms

Keyring and Phone Charm Findings

Kate Pullen

There are a variety of shop bought findings that are perfect for making your own unique key rings and bag or phone charms. Use shrink plastic, air dry clay or polymer clay and your favorite stamps to make charms and beads.

These keyring and charm findings are simple to use. The finished charm or bead is simply attached to the finding using a jump ring. It is also possible to make a loop from wire to attach the charm or bead.

These findings are available in many different styles. The three shown above are three common styles:

  • Phone charm lariat (left) - this type of lariat is suitable for phones or bags. These are often sold in packs and are low cost.
  • Bag charm or key ring (center) - this has a clip that fits securely around a bag handle or can also be used to hold keys. The design shown here will hold two charms, there are many variations available.
  • Traditional split ring (right) - this is a low cost keyring that is easy to use. See the next page for an example.

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