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How To Improvise with Bubble Wrap! Stamp Interesting All-Over Patterns Quickly.


Bubble wrap stamping

Kate Pullen

Bubble wrap stamping
Rubber stamping needn't involve a lot of cost. With a little creative thought and some improvisation, it is possible to use a number of materials to create interesting stamping projects. Bubble wrap is ideal for stamping all over designs and these can make unusual backgrounds for many rubber stamping projects. This is a cheap and easy way to create something a little different and has the benefit of being both low cost and 'green'! Any bubble wrap will work well, including discarded scraps or the inside of padded envelopes. To take the improvisation theme even further use a cassette tape box as a stamping block!
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Quick

Here's How:

  1. Stamping with bubble wrap is very simple. To get the best results, cut the bubble wrap to size and then firmly fold the bubble wrap around a stamping block. An acrylic block will be perfect - however other firm surfaces such as a cassette tape box will work equally well.
  2. Tap the bubble wrap with ink until it is completely and evenly covered.
  3. Firmly and evenly press the inked bubble wrap to the paper. Repeat as required.
  4. Different effects can be achieved by building up layers of colored dots using different color inks. This technique will also work well with heat embossing.
  5. The finished design is perfect for use as a background for rubber stamping projects or simply add a sentiment for use as a greeting card.


  1. Check for 'popped' bubbles. These will leave a gap when stamped. This needn't be a problem, however, and can be an interesting design feature.
  2. Some stampers may find they get more consistent results when standing up.
  3. Different sized 'bubbles' will give different effects.

What You Need

  • Pieces of bubble wrap
  • Stamping block
  • Inks as required
  • Paper or cardstock
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