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How To Add Color To Rubber Stamped Images With Marker Pens


Coloring in an Outline Image

Coloring in an Outline Image

Kate Pullen
Marker pens are available in a wide range of colors and their vibrant hues bring depth to a variety of projects. Marker pens can be used to add just a touch of detail to a project or to color in an entire design. Outline stamps produce great images for coloring and a range of different effects can be achieved by changing colors. Marker pens are ideal for projects where deep and more dense shades are required - decorating chalks give more subtle and muted colors.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Quick

Here's How:

  1. Use an outline stamp to stamp an image onto paper or cardstock.

  2. Carefully start coloring in different parts of the image. Start with the parts that are in the background and work forward so that the last pieces to be colored are the ones that are in the front for a neat finish.

  3. Build up colors by going over sections with marker pens. Shades and highlights can be achieved by overlapping different colored pens. When using quick drying marker pens work quickly so that the ink does not dry between layers.

  4. Leave the image to dry. When the image is fully dry use as required. The colored images are ideal for use within card making. The vibrant colors bring alive many different designs. Tear around the image and apply to a card for a simple yet effective design. Lightly dab the torn edge with a complementary colored marker pen for a professional finish.


  1. Water based marker pens may cause dye inks to run, therefore use pigment inks to stamp images that are going to be colored in with water based or pigment inks.
  2. Vary the thickness of the marks made with the marker pens by altering the pressure on the pen.
  3. Don't throw away any spoiled or incomplete images, keeping a folder of odds and ends will give a ready supply for collage or decoupage projects.

What You Need

  • Any outline stamp
  • Ink pad
  • Selection of marker pens
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