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How To Impress Craft Foam


Embossing Craft Foam

Embossing Craft Foam

Kate Pullen
This is a versatile technique that is easily adapted. Creating impressed images in craft foam produces a very different effect to that achieved by 'heat embossing' using embossing powders. In this technique a rubber stamp is pressed into the top of the heated foam which leaves the impression of the stamp sunk into the foam. This is a great way to produce interesting and textured pieces of craft foam that are ideal to use as embellishments or in other rubber stamping projects.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Quick

Here's How:

  1. Work on a firm and flat surface which is protected against heat. Using a heat gun, carefully heat a piece of craft foam. To get a constant stamped impression in the foam ensure that the foam is well heated by heating both sides of the foam.
  2. Quickly press the rubber stamp into the heated surface of the foam and press hard. Standing up while stamping will help to apply a constant pressure - particularly with larger stamps.
  3. Wait for a few seconds and remove the stamp. The outline of the stamp will clearly be seen in the foam.
  4. Variation: Add ink to the stamp before pressing it into the foam. The inked outline will emphasize the impressed image.
  5. Color the image and use as required. These images are ideal for adding to handmade cards.

    Stamp: Hero Arts

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  1. Use this technique to create a textured piece of craft foam for use in other projects, for instance to create a cover for a note book.
  2. In this technique the image sinks into the foam, therefore try various types of stamp and explore different effects. Outline stamps will leave the inside of the stamp raised, where as solid image stamps will leave a more bold impression.

What You Need

  • Craft foam
  • Heat tool
  • Rubber stamps
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