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How To Create Rubber Stamp Collage and Decoupage


3D Cat

3D Cat

Kate Pullen
Interesting rubber stamp collage effects can be created by stamping outline images onto colored paper and cutting these out. These images can be attached to other papers. Collage is a useful technique for stampers who want to apply color and texture to their images without the need to use paints or chalks. Simple effects can be achieved by stamping onto plain paper or more dramatic and creative effects can be given by using patterned papers or other materials.

The finished pieces can be used individually for a dramatic effect on a card, used as mobiles or charms or applied with other materials to form a collage.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Quick to Medium

Here's How:

  1. Stamp outline images onto paper or cardstock a number of times. Alter the types and colors of papers as required.

  2. Cut out the pieces, remembering if you want to retain the stamped line to cut slightly outside the outline.

  3. Compile the separate pieces on a further piece of paper, gluing them into place.

  4. Cut the finished images out if required.


  1. Use a thick double sided glue or glue spots to give a greater depth to the images.
  2. Most outline stamps are suitable. Character figures can have heads and limbs cut from different colored papers or cut to give the impression of movement; flower petals could be cut from different colored papers and very subtle effects can be achieved by cutting an image from tissue paper and applying this to a similar tone of cardstock or paper.
  3. Experiment with different materials. Foils, fabrics and acetate bring additional texture to an image.
  4. This is a good way to layer images without having to use masking techniques.

What You Need

  • Rubber stamps with outline images
  • Selection of colored papers and cards
  • Glue, double sided tape or ink dots
  • Other supplies dependent on project
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