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Easy Polymer Clay Mokume Gane with Rubber Stamps


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Easy Polymer Clay Mokume Gane with Rubber Stamps
Easy Mokume Gane

Easy Mokume Gane

Kate Pullen

Mokume gane is a traditional Japanese metal working technique. Thin sheets of different metals are bonded together and then distorted and manipulated so that patterns form in the surface of the metal. This technique adapts to other materials such as polymer clay. Many polymer clay artists produce wonderful items of work using the mokume gane technique. They layer sheets of polymer clay interspersed with metal foils and leaf, paints, micas and other goodies and then carefully distort and slice the stack to produce one of a kind sheets of polymer clay.

This tutorial is for a is a very basic version of polymer clay mokume gane and uses just straight polymer clay and a deep etched rubber stamp. This is an ideal way to build up your confidence before moving onto more sophisticated variations of this technique. While many polymer clay artists use a pasta maker to roll their clay, small pieces of work, such as this, are easy to roll out with a craft rolling pin. The only piece of specialist equipment required is a very sharp cutting blade. These can be purchased from the polymer clay section of craft stores. A razor or tissue blade would work equally well. While it is possible to use a craft knife or scalpel, it is certainly easier to use a special cutting blade.

Materials Required

  • Polymer clay in two or four colors
  • Craft rolling pin or pasta machine
  • Deep etched rubber stamp
  • Cutting blade
  • Piece of parchment paper to work on (if required)

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