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How to Use Embossing Paste


How to Use Embossing Paste
Use embossing in your card making projects

Use embossing in your card making projects

Kate Pullen
Embossing paste adds an interesting dimension and texture to your rubber stamping projects. Unlike heat embossing which uses a rubber stamp and embossing powders to create a raised glossy surface on a page, embossing paste is spread through a stencil to create a raised surface. This is a fun technique to learn and is a great way to add interest to your projects.


Here are the materials and supplies required to use embossing paste in your projects:
  • Embossing paste
  • Stencil (a brass stencil is great for this technique - there are many stencils available for crafting projects, take a look at these and compare prices.
  • Masking
  • Pallet knife

How to Use Embossing Paste

  • Decide where you want the embossed image to go. Carefully tape the stencil into place using masking tape. This will hold the stencil flat to the page and stop the stencil from moving when you apply the embossing paste.
  • Use the pallet knife to apply a thin layer of embossing paste over the surface of the stencil. Use gentle sweeping movements to ensure that the paste is pushed through all the holes in the stencil without forcing the paste through which could result in a smudged end effect.
  • Carefully wipe off any surplus paste and return this to the pot. (Tip: Replace the lid on the pot immediately after use to ensure that the paste does not dry out).
  • Remove the masking tape and lift, with care, the stencil from the page.
  • Leave the page somewhere flat to dry. Allow a few hours for the paste to dry.

Tips for Using Embossing Paste

Here are some tips for using embossing paste:
  • Make sure that you do not move the stencil while applying the embossing paste. This can give a smudged end result.
  • If you end up with a little embossing paste where you don't want it, you can use a craft knife to scrape the unwanted embossing paste from the surface of the page.
  • Clean the stencil immediately after use. This will help to stop the embossing paste from drying in the stencil.
  • Try making your own stencils. A wide variety of materials can be used as a stencil. For instance, try punching out an image from chipboard and using this as a stencil.
  • Try rubbing inks or mica over the top of the embossing paste to add color or sparkle

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