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Make Hot Glue Embellishments


Make Hot Glue Embellishments
Hot wax embellishment

Stamp into hot glue to create wax seal like embellishments

Kate Pullen
Create your own wax or letter 'seal' type embellishments for handmade cards and scrapbook projects using a dab of hot glue. This is simple to do and takes very little in the way of special equipment or supplies. All you require is some hot glue, a hot glue gun, rubber stamps and some inks. Before starting, however, it is worth noting that projects such as this are very much experimental in their nature, therefore it is better to practice with old stamps or less precious stamps first.
Hot glue embellishments are made by stamping an image into a dot of hot glue. The stamp leaves an impression in the glue as well as flattening it into an irregular shape reminiscent of a wax seal. Therefore this technique would be ideal for making wax seal type embellishments for project such as weddings or other formal occasion.
Inking the stamp adds color to the embellishment, it also helps to remove the stamp from the glue when it is set. If you don't want to add color to the embellishment then you could consider stamping with a clear embossing ink.

Materials Required

You will also need a good surface for working on. A heat resistant craft sheet would be perfect, as would an old ceramic tile. The surface needs to be heat resistant. I make the embellishments on paper so I don't need to worry about removing the embellishments from the surface I am working on as I simply cut around the embellishment when finished before adhering it to the page.

How to Make a Hot Glue Embellishment

The trick to success with this technique is to work quickly. There is only a short amount of time available before the glue starts to harden and as such it ceases to be workable. Therefore ink your stamp before you heat the glue.
  • Heat the hot glue and drop a small amount onto your work surface
  • Quickly press the rubber stamp into the hot glue and leave the glue to set
  • Remove the stamp and finish as required

Tips for Making Hot Glue Embellishments

Here are some tips for making hot glue embellishments and stamping in to hot glue in general:
  • Try adding color after the embellishment is finished. Rub metallic ink, mica powders or other colorants onto the surface to achieve different effects.
  • There are many different types of hot glue available. Colored and glitter hot glue will give interesting results with the minimum of extra effort. These can be combined with colored ink to give stunning effects.
  • Be careful not to remove the stamp from the hot glue too quickly. If the glue has not set then strands of glue will form.
  • Try to keep a steady hand when pressing the stamp into the glue to give a clear and precise impression.
  • When you are making these embellishments consider making a few extra for future projects. This will save time if you are looking for a quick embellishment when working on handmade cards or scrapbook pages in the future.
  • Use alphabet stamps to stamp initials into the hot glue. This is a great way to create custom and personalized embellishments for a special card, scrapbook page or other project.
Hot glue embellishments make a great alternative to wax seals and are ideal for a wide range of projects. The image above shows a hot glue embellishment that I made using a permanent ink stamped into the surface of the hot glue. This created an interesting end result.
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