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How to Tear Mulberry Paper


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How to Tear Mulberry Paper
How to Tear Mulberry Paper

How to Tear Mulberry Paper

Kate Pullen
One of the features of mulberry paper is the long fibers which are used to make this distinctive type of paper. The long fibers give a feathery and wispy edge when the paper is torn. This creates an interesting effect and is a great way to add texture and interest to a craft project. Tearing paper is very straight forward. If a wet line is drawn on the paper before it is torn then it is even simpler. This is the best way to maximize the feathery effect of the torn edge. This technique is also a good way to create relatively precise shapes.

Mulberry paper with torn edges can be used as a feature on handmade cards or other projects. For more information about mulberry paper see - Mulberry Paper.

All that is required is some clean water and a paint brush - and a little patience! See the following pages for a step by step guide to tearing mulberry paper.
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