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Simple Ink Backgrounds
Simple Ink Backgrounds

Simple Ink Backgrounds

Kate Pullen

On this and the following pages we look at some of the simple ways to use a brayer in rubber stamping projects. This is just the starting point, once you have sampled these techniques you will find that there are many ways that you can adapt and vary the techniques to produce stunning results.

Use a Brayer to Apply Ink Direct to Paper

One of the most basic yet effective ways of using a brayer is to add ink directly to paper. This is a great way to produce interesting background papers. While the technique is very simple, different results can be achieved by varying the technique to add more or less ink. Grungy effects, for instance, can easily be achieved by rolling the brayer over the page randomly until all the ink has been discharged, repeating as required.

This Technique is Particularly Good For...

This technique is particularly useful when you are looking to create a background paper that is a specific color or shade.


To ink a piece of paper using a brayer simply roll the brayer lightly over an ink pad until the surface is completely inked. Working on a flat work surface roll the brayer over the paper. Re-ink the brayer as required. The page can be stamped upon when the ink is dried.


Here are some tips to help you achieve great results:
  • Hold the brayer so it is flat on the page, this will ensure that the ink is applied consistently
  • To avoid lines, roll the brayer in different directions over the page
  • Clean the roller well after use, most brayers have a removable roller which makes cleaning the roller and fittings simple
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