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Exploding Box for Rubber Stamping

Simple Exploding Box Template for Rubber Stamping Projects


An exploding box is nowhere near as dangerous as it sounds! The name comes from the fact that the sides of the box cascade outwards when the box is opened - no other explosions are involved. This makes an unusual gift box or a lovely keepsake and rubber stamping is the perfect way to personalize and customize the box.
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Exploding BoxExploding Box for Rubber StampingTemplate for Exploding Box - LargeExploding Box for Rubber Stamping - Large TemplateExploding BoxExploding Box for Rubber Stamping - Medium TemplateExploding Box Template - SmallExploding Box for Rubber Stamping - Small Template
Exploding Box Teplate - LidExploding Box for Rubber Stamping - Lid Template
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